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Deanna Morris

The things I love most about teaching are the chance to meet new people and to reconnect with old friends. Our business has grown exclusively by word-of-mouth and I get to see many of the same people returning for their certifications year after year. This kind of relationship builds a comfort and a trust that is invaluable.

I have always enjoyed sports and have participated in athletics since my early school years. It was a natural progression to fall in love with firefighting, so I was honored when I was hired with Henry County Fire Department in 1993. During a 15-year career there, I worked as a full-time Lieutenant/firefighter EMT. During my time as a firefighter, I encountered and managed thousands of emergencies first-hand. A typical day could include a dozen or more calls like house fires, cardiac arrests, traumatic accidents, and countless other unpredictable events. No day was ever the same. I still love the fire service, the comradery, the excitement, and the ability to offer comfort and assistance to people in crisis, but I felt God calling me to leave the fire service to take on the full-time job of raising our children. Being their mother has been my greatest privilege and joy.

During my fire service years, I also had an opportunity to work in the emergency room at Southern Regional Medical Center in Riverdale, Georgia. This experience showed me emergency medical care from a different and valuable perspective. Working for years beside some of the finest physicians, nurses and allied health care professionals I have ever met  provided me with a depth of experience that I also draw upon when teaching our classes. 

​My life revolves around family. God has blessed me with a wonderful, loving husband. He is the love of my life and I love that we share a family and a business together.

Doug Morris

​One of my favorite activities is sharing ideas and experiences in the classroom. I have a diverse medical background that allows me to relate to practitioners across a wide array of disciplines. My educational credentials include a Master of Public Administration (MPA) in public safety and a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) including a minor degree in Paramedicine (AAS).  I have held certification in flight medicine and critical care. My professional background includes service as a US Army combat medic, in emergency rooms, critical care units, urgent care settings, military and civilian flight programs, and current full-time duty with fire and EMS. I have enjoyed full-time positions in busy emergency departments and formal educational institutions. I am currently enjoying my 38th year with the Fayette County Department of Fire and Emergency Services, serving as a Battalion Chief for the last 12 years.


Teaching is my passion and I favor cardiac assessment and care. I have been an American Heart Association instructor for over 35 years, teaching BLS, ACLS, PEARS and PALS. I frequently teach other cardiac-related courses including basic and advanced 12 lead interpretation and EKG rhythm identification. 

​​My greatest life-long achievement is being married to Deanna. She is my inspiration and the joy that lights my life. 

​We have three amazing children. Our daughter is a Commander serving in the Navy along with her remarkable husband, but, most importantly, they are parents to our two grandsons. Our oldest son is a Petty Officer First Class in the Coast Guard and is married to our beautiful and energetic young daughter-in-love. Our youngest is a brilliant young man finishing off an engineering degree and working toward a career in the fire service.

No Stress Training is an incredible opportunity for us to share our passion of teaching by providing essential certification classes to a community of dedicated healthcare providers. We enjoy the challenge of adapting material to an audience’s interest and we get to work with clients as diverse as universities, corporate clients, hospitals, urgent care centers, cancer treatment centers, orthopedics, gastroenterology, pain management, cosmetic surgery, oral surgeons, dentists, eye specialists, fire departments, prison systems, and telemedicine. It is inspiring to watch and to listen to the stories of these men and women as they negotiate the challenges of practicing medicine in today’s difficult environment while caring for their patients. ​

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