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Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support
Helpful Study Guides

If you have already paid, thank you. Payment can be made on the day of class. We prefer cash, check, Cash App, Venmo, or Zelle. ​

When Will Class Be Over?

Class begins at 9:00 am and is usually done around 3:30-5:00 PM both days.  It is hard to provide an exact time for the second day because the last item of the day is the written exam and we give you as much time to take that exam as you need until the training center closes at 5:00 PM. The same is true of the one-day recertification course, except it is completed in a single day. 

How Do I Get My Certification?

All certification cards are now ecards, delivered to the email on the course roster that we prepare in class. The ecard will come from Your card will arrive within days of course completion. If you need your card expedited, please let us know. If your card does not show up and you have checked your spam, junk, and filtering folders, please give us a call, text or email so that we can help you get your card.

How Do I Prepare? Do I Need an ACLS manual?

The latest edition is the 2020 AHA ACLS Provider manual.  If you would like to purchase a manual, there are several on-line vendors that sell the manual.  Be sure to read carefully that you are purchasing the 2020 guidelines.  The new manual has a picture of just the heart on the cover.  The manual that shows the heart inside the chest on the cover is the old manual.
We will be providing a handout in class that we will be teaching from.  You will not need the manual in class. 

The exam is scenario based in which EKG interpretation is required.  You will need to know the heart blocks and rhythms in order to answer the questions. We will be covering this material in depth the first day of our 2-day ACLS class. If you sign up for the 1-day course, we assume that you are comfortable with this material.  We also have study material on our site under Getting Ready for ACLS. There is an EKG section with additional study links on it. Be sure to review the heart block information on this page if you are uncomfortable with that material. The ACLS Preparation document tells you how to access the ACLS Pre-course Self-Assessment on the AHA website.  The Pre-course Self-Assessment is to help guide your study. See the PDF links above.

The STEP 3 SECTION that you will see when you access the preparation page is all video based and is NOT REQUIRED for our class.  This is all information that we will teach and cover in class.  Our class is designed with more teacher-student interaction and will be not video based.

What Is Covered In the First Day of the 2-day Class?

The first day of the two-day ACLS course concentrates on laying the foundation for success on the second day.  We will spend all of the morning session concentrating on the one area that seems to give most people the heebie-jeebies about ACLS:  EKG recognition (including the heart blocks).  During the discussion of EKG recognition, we will cover important points related to anatomy, physiology, electrophysiology, neural influence, and cardiac pathologies. During the afternoon session, we will finish the day with presentations on the approach to stroke and acute coronary syndrome (chest pain) patients.

What Is Covered In the Second Day of the 2-day Class?

Your class gets right into the certification process. We will start out with skill verification for BLS skills (CPR) and review the advanced practice protocols and pharmacology (bradycardia, tachycardia, acute coronary syndrome, cardiac arrest, and post-resuscitation care).  After a break for lunch, we will practice the protocols in an interactive scenario-based learning environment that invites the opportunity to ask questions and fine-tune your approach to the ACLS patient. The day finishes up with the certification exam and ACLS skills verification process.

What Qualifies Me to Take the 1-Day Course?

If you are signed up for the one-day re-certification, we assume that you are already proficient in EKG recognition, pharmacology, ACLS protocols, and that you have been ACLS certified in the past. Your past ACLS certification does not have to be current, but your knowledge does.  If you don’t match this profile, consider contacting us and switching to the full two-day course. We will be glad to switch your registration at no additional cost.

When Does My Certification Expire?

ACLS, PALS and BLS certifications expire on the last day of the month two years after they are issued.

Does ACLS Certification Satisfy the Requirement for BLS (Basic Life Support) Certification?

No. These are two different certifications. If your employer or accrediting agency requires ACLS and BLS, you will have to acquire both certifications.  We offer an opportunity to recertify your BLS certification on the same day as your ACLS course for a reduced rate. There is an additional fee of $45 and you will take an extra written exam comprised of 25 BLS questions.

What If I Don't Pass the Skills Verification or Written Exam?

It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally a properly prepared participant does not do well on the exam or practical session. Our goal is your certification in ACLS, so we look at where the problem areas are, counsel you on a strategy for successful preparation and offer an opportunity to return to a later class at no charge.

What is the Most Important Thing to Remember?

Relax, breathe, and get ready for a stress-free learning experience. We look forward to seeing you!  Please feel free to call, text, or email if you have any questions.

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